RUFA Tiger Mountain

March 9, 2024

 March 9, 2024 – Tiger Mountain – Issaquah, WA

We’re pumped to announce our 2024 date for Running Up For Air – Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, Washington. As part of the Up For Air Series, RUFA – Tiger Mountain is a 12, two person 12, 6 and 3 hour endurance challenge designed to bring awareness to climate change. We’ll soon be announcing the Washington area organization that we’ll be supporting for 2024. Meanwhile mark your calendar now!

Supporting – Washington Conservation Action

Mission: To develop, advocate, and defend policies that ensure environmental progress and justice by centering and amplifying the voices of the most impacted communities.

We fight for clean air, clean water, healthy forests, democracy and voting rights, and environmental justice. We work to lift up voices too long ignored: those of Native Nations and of communities that bear the
brunt of toxic pollution and climate chaos. Our non-partisan teams collaborate with local groups across Washington to promote civic engagement and to ensure that everyone has access to the ballot. We seek out and support solutions that nurture healthy communities, healthy economies, and healthy ecosystems.

Washington Conservation Action Education Fund began as Washington Environmental
Council nearly 55 years ago. We have convened environmental groups and allies
across the state to leverage the strength of all. Over the years, we have developed
and advanced many of the laws and institutions that make Washington a national
environmental leader.


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Why a winter event?

In 2022 we experienced a weather occurrence that is becoming more common in the Seattle area, an inversion. The inversion brings with it higher pollution levels and health risks. Winter is also the time when other forms of pollutants are on the rise due to the use of wood burning heat and warming up of cars for long periods. Winter is not only the only time unhealthy air is in the Pacific Northwest, we are also experiencing yearly forest fires that have brought in heavy smoke and unwanted health advisories during the summer months. As athletes we want to bring recognition to the need of cleaner air for our area and families.

Participants will ascend Tiger Mountain and attempt to summit the mountain as many times as possible to raise awareness and money to address air quality issues affecting the Pacific Northwest. Participants are encouraged to gather pledges for each lap completed up the mountain.

Up For Air Series is a collection of endurance events created to amplify informed dialogue and empower organizations actively working on air quality solutions. Proceeds from Up For Air events are directed at carefully selected non-profit groups who demonstrate high value influence strategies. The race platform is used to expose participants and the general public to science-based material about the importance of healthy air. All events are conducted with a minimal footprint philosophy.

More Running! Less Footprint!

More Running! Less Footprint!

In order to enable our event to become carbon neutral, we will have the More Running! Less Footprint! sustainability center where you can drop off your old used running shoes for recycling, nutritional package recycling through the GU Terracycle program, get your reusable folding cup for other cupless events, and information on how you can help reduce your footprint.

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