RUFA Tiger Mountain Course

March 11, 2023


Running Up For Air (aka RUFA) is a 3, 6, or 12 and two person 12  hour winter endurance challenge that takes place on Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, Washington.

The 8 mile course with 3,000 feet of vert will start next to the Issaquah High School tennis courts. This will be a looped course including the steep unmaintained Section Line Trail to West Tiger 3 and continue over West Tiger 2 and up to the Hiker’s Hut on West Tiger 1. All runners will return to the High School via the West Tiger 3 trail and Bus Trail.

There will be a warming tent at the Start/Finish line and we will have a small area that will be marked off to set up canopies for your support team.

Course Map:

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RUFA - Tiger Mountain Course Map

Course Profile

RUFA - Tiger Mountain Course Profile